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In de kijker

In de kijker

Cable screen with 3 cables 45

Cable screen with 3 cables

  • The frame is a welded plate-construction, calculated to resist the highest water level ahead of the screen.
  • The screen bars have a hydrodynamic section.
  • The scraper is lifted by two cables.
  • The 3rd cable serves to open and close the grab.
  • The drive unit is on top of the screen frame
  • The screen is equipped with all safety devices according to the European CE directive.
  • The advantage of this 3-cable screen is the possibility that the scraper can close at each position. So he can dig a way through the waste.
Inclination 90°
Channal depth 1....20m
Channal width 60....2500mm
Bar spacing 10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100mm

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