4 U320 300 280 1->6 Angel of inclination: 10° à 30° " />
Compactor 29

For the preservation of aquatic life


  • A stainless steel trough, thickness 3mm.
  • In the trough is a wear-resistant layer of high strength. Thickness of the coating: 10mm
  • A screw in spiral form, thickness 20mm. The diameter is adapted to the trough.
  • The screw rest over all its length on the coating.
  • The coating is replaceable, in parts of 2 or 3m.
  • The end of the screw is coupled by a support, bolted to the gearbox.
  • The drive is done by a hollow shaft motor-reducer.
  • The reducer is fixed to the trough by a bolted support.
  • It is dismountable without disassembling the screw.
  • The trough is covered by a bolted cover plate.
  • The screw is equipped with inlet and outlet hoppers, and is entirely closed.
  • The screw is made of special hard steel to resist to the maximum wear of friction.
  • The supports are adapted to the local circumstances, and are included in the price, according to the description in the offer.
  • At the end of the screw there is a perforated section.
  • The product is compressed by means of a cover with adjustable counterweight.
  • The squeezed water is discharged through a pipe 1 1/2".
Type Sieve diameter [m] Screw diameter [mm] Length [m]
U260 240 240 1->4
U320 300 280 1->6
Angel of inclination: 10° à 30°

For the preservation of aquatic life

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