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Shaft less screw 7

For the preservation of aquatic life

Shaft less screw

  • Sedimentation tank in rigid plate welded construction.
  • Inlet zone with baffle to prevent short-circuit water current.
  • Inlet and outlet flange adapted to the flow.
  • The trough is equipped with hardened steel rails.
  • The shaft less screw is made of a 20mm thick spiral of special high wear-resistant steel.
  • Inclination: 25°.
  • The trough is covered by a bolted cover plate.
  • The screw is equipped with inlet and outlet hoppers, and is entirely closed.
  • The screw is made of special hard steel to resist to the maximum wear of friction.

Sand-water mixture


Volume [m³] Surface [m²]
  To overflow gutter
ZKL30 30 0,55 1,30
ZKL70 70 1,16 2,30
ZKL150 150 2,57 3,70
Types larger than 6m³ are customized

For the preservation of aquatic life

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