Chain screen with scraper bars 47

For the preservation of aquatic life

Chain screen with scraper bars

  • A rigid frame, composed of U-sections with transverse reinforcements.
  • The screen pack  consist of a number of parallel bars. A hydrodynamic profile is used for gratings of 10 mm bar spacing. The bars above are rectangular. They are strengthened sufficiently to prevent distortion.
  • Ideal for narrow channels with limited space.
  • The scraper bars lower due to the conduction of the chain. When the scraper bars come down, they take the grate up with them. The teeth of the slats penetrate between the bars.
  •  The grid is brought up along the bars and a guide plate.
  • When the scraper bars coming above the grid well is removed by a doctor blade of the scraper bars. All movements happen gradually without jerks to work quietly.
  • The scraper bars are driven by two heavy chains. The chain is guided by rollers.
  • The bars are driven by a hermetical closed geared motor IP55.
  • In case of overload, the motion of the scraper bars is stopped by means of an electronic torque limiter (optional).
  • The screen is installed at an angle of 10 to 20 ° with the vertical.
  • The installation works fully automatically. The cleaning cycle can be set with a timer or with a level difference measurement.
  • The entire installation complies with the applicable CE regulations.

For the preservation of aquatic life

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