Cable screen with 1 or 2 cables 44

For the preservation of aquatic life

Cable screen with 1 or 2 cables

The cable screens designed by Dewekon Engineering consist of: 

  • The frame is a welded plate-construction, calculated to resist the highest water level ahead of the screen.
  • Guiding profiles to guide the scraper mechanism.
  • The screen bars have a hydrodynamic section, to prevent the screen from clogging, and to create a minimum of hydraulic loss through the screen.
  • A  backplate above the bars to bring out the screened waste.
  • The scraper is lifted by one or two cables, depending on the width of the screen.
  • The scraper is guided by 4 wear resistant wheels. They have a grease point.
  • The drive unit is on top of the screen frame. It consists of the main driving shaft and one or two cable drums, driven by a motor gearbox.
  • The drive unit is a hermetical closed oil-bath gearbox with brake motor.
  • The scraper goes down in "open" position at a distance of 40cm from the screen surface.
  • When the scraper arrives in the lower position it closes slowly. The speed of closing the scraper is adjustable.
  • The teeth penetrate between the bars, and the screenings are moved upwards.
  • The teeth of the scraper are replaceable.
  • The positions at the top and bottom are detected by a limit switch, next to the gearbox.
  • The movement downwards of the scraper is protected by a "slack rope detection".
  • During the rise of the scraper the mechanism is protected by a torque limiter (option).
  • The screen is equipped with all safety devices according to the European CE directive.
Aligement Vertically Inclined
Inclination 90° 80°
Channal depth 1....20m 1....20m
Useful width 300....4000mm 300....4000mm
Bar spacing 10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100mm

For the preservation of aquatic life

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