Hydraulic compactor 32

For the preservation of aquatic life

Hydraulic compactor

The hydraulic compactor consists of: 

  • A frame mounted on supports;
  • A hopper with horizontal rectangular flange;
  • A high-pressure pipe which is perforated over a section to dewater and compact the product;
  • The product is moved by a cylinder with hydraulic force. The pressure in the cylinder is adjustable;
  • The cylinder moves on a wear-resistant plastic layer;
  • The cylinder is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, mounted on maintenance-free bearing bushes;
  • Volume reduction of the waste: ± 1/2;
  • Content of dry matter: ±50%;
  • A hydraulic unit;
  • A hydraulic pump with filter;
  • Pressure control valves;
  • All fixed and flexible tubes;

OPTIONS: An electrical box for automatic and manual operation

Type Diameter [mm] Stroke [mm]


capacity [m³/h]

D250 250 800 9
D350 350 1000 17

For the preservation of aquatic life

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