Raking bridge rectangular 8

For the preservation of aquatic life

Raking bridge rectangular

Bridge frame:

  • Hot rolled profiles with transverse and diagonal profiles;
  • Hand railings:
  • Upper bar, height 1,10m above tread;
  • Intermediate bar at half height;
  • Plinth, height 150mm, according to ARAB.

Wheel box: 

  • 4 guiding wheels each mounted on self-aligning ball bearings,
  • dust- and waterproof;
  • 4 side guide wheels to guide the bridge along the tank walls;
  • All wheels are coated with the durable Vulkollan.

Drive unit:

  • 2 of the supporting wheels are driven.
  • Motor-gearbox :
  • Hollow shaft motor;
  • Closed gearbox filled with oil;
  • Hermetic motor IP55;
  • Isolation class F;
  • Mounted on the outside of the bridge.

Bottom scrapers 

  • Triangles suspended on the bridge;
  • Angled pulling profiles, attached to the bottom scrapers;
  • Bottom scraper blades with adjustable height;
  • Suspended by stainless steel cables to the cable drums.

Surface scrapers: 

  • Suspended to the triangular profiles.

Drive system scrapers: 

  • Hollow shaft gearbox motor, oil filled, motor IP55;
  • Isolation class F;
  • Fitted with electrical brake motor;
  • Cable drums with grooved surface;
  • All bearings can be greased from the surface of the bridge.


  • Bridge: steel, with surface protection:
  • Sandblasting SA 2 ½;
  • Zinc spraying;
  • Epoxy painting 2 layers;
  • Surface finish: 2 component polyurethane paint;
  • Standard color: Emerald green, RAL6001
  • All parts in contact with water:  AISI 304

Electrical equipment: 

  • All limit switches: type inductive proximity switches;
  • Complete electrical control box with contactors, fuses, automatic switches, signal lamps;
  • Complete wiring on the bridge;
  • Electrical supply line.

For the preservation of aquatic life

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