Thickener mechanism 52

For the preservation of aquatic life

Thickener mechanism


  • With or without steel walkway
  • Rake arms with thickening bars and bottom scrapers;
  • Diameter up to 20m
  • Always equipped with durable lower bearing
  • Materials in water/sludge: AISI304, AISI316 of coated steel
  • A stirrer in the central sludge pit, bolted to the lower girder
  • Two rake arms bolted to the central shaft
  • Bottom scrapers bolted to the lower girder, positioned at 45°, to rake the sludge to the central pit;
  • The bottom surface of the tank is completely scraped iby the rotation of the mechanism

Drive system:

  • Gearbox fully closed, filled with oil;
  • Hermetic motor IP 55;
  • Isolation class F;
  • External tooth wheel.

Vertical driving tube-shaft, bolted to the central bearing, equipped with:

  • A flange connection at the top;
  • Extensions at the bottom and at +/- 2/height to fix the arms.

For the preservation of aquatic life

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