Container with filling screw 16

For the preservation of aquatic life

Container with filling screw

  • The container is made of a waterproof welded steel construction;
  • 2 longitudinal beams IPN180, cross beams, side reinforcements;
  • Extra reinforcements around the backdoor;
  • Pickup system: diameter 50mm at standard height 1430mm;
  • 2 rear wheels diameter 170mm with grease nipples;
  • Backdoor performed as dustproof tilting door with 2 ratchet closures;
  • Roof in sturdy bulb plate, accessible through a ladder with handles;
  • Loading aperture: central back with dustproof cover;
  • Shaft less screw diameter 280mm, with waterproof covers;
  • Motor gearbox, IP55, easily accessible for maintenance;
  • Level monitoring 100% FULL with inductive detector;
  • CEE electrical connection type 32A (red);
  • Harting multi pole connector;
  • Coating exterior: cleaning, degreasing, zinc phosphate and 2 coats industry polish;
  • Coating inside: 2 anti-rust layers.
Inside dimensions
Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Volume (m³)
5,00 2,20 0,83 10
5,50 2,50 1,65 20
6,00 2,360 2,20 30
7,00 2,38 2,10 40


For the preservation of aquatic life

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